The long way home/The smell of impending autumn

Harrestrup Å runs down to Vestvolden.

Today, I decided to take the long way home. Explore a few areas I’d travelled through before, and discover new places. Copenhagen by bike is perfect for this.

The river goes under, I go over the motorway.

The cycle path along Harrestrup Å leads you over the motorway and treats you to good views. In the distance, Herlev Hospital.

Along Vestvolden to Utterslev Mose.

Vestvolden, or “the western fortifications” was built in the late 1800s to defend Copenhagen from land invasion. The huge scale of construction is sometimes credited with kick starting the industrial revolution in Denmark. They were never used, since only a few decades after completion, artillery fire range exceeded the distance between the fortifications and central Copenhagen, so during the first world war, a temporary line of trenches was built much further out from Greve to Roskilde.

Utterslev Mose is a large marsh north-west of Copenhagen.

The path along Vestvolden leads across to Utterslev mose. Just visible in the photo above, on the left bank, is a heron. Standing very still, awaiting the chance to dive for fish I presume.

Graffiti is actually nice when it adds a little art into the world.

Couldn’t help photographing this little critter above.

Grundtvigskirken is, in my opinion, both monumental, pretty and awesome (in the original meaning of the word).

Utterslev Mose abuts Bispebjerg cemetery, which I traversed before arriving at Grundtvig’s church in Bispebjerg. I am such a fan of the design of this early 20th century church.

Along the railway line in Bispebjerg i found these houses.

After cycling down the hill from the church, I turned left into new territory. I found this very stylish housing development called Bispebjerg Bakke.

Bispebjerg Hospital looks a bit like a fort, with watchtowers included.

The houses were across the road from Bispebjerg hospital, which is soon 100 years old.


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