Summer holidays in France: Village life

My last post concerned the first day we spent in France. This second post will cover the days spent at the gîte in Sarge-sur-Braye.

The living room of the gîte. Artistic detail added by author.

The gîte my parents had found was very spacious, and surprisingly inexpensive. It featured three bedrooms, each equipped with a double bed, a kitchen with dining table, fridge, coffee machine, gas-fired oven, sink, cutlery and toaster. No kettle though, but a pan on the hotplates served same purpose for us quite ok. Furthermore, the gîte had a bathroom and toilet located in separate adjacent rooms.

The stand-out feature of the gîte though has to be the spacious living room,  pictured above. It contained a large dining table, a cabinet, a wicker chair (slightly worn, repaired a few times), a sofa-bed and a television, capable of receiving a dozen French channels.

The bakery and the "new" church.

So what does village life look like then? Well, most of our days started off with a trip to the baker’s, 20 metres away, to buy a few baguettes for breakfast. After this, we would plan where to go for the day, and usually have lunch at a restaurant at the destination of the day. Upon returning homewards, shopping would often need to be done for evening meal, which would be prepared in the kitchen and eaten in the living room. After dinner, we would go for a walk, exploring the local countryside and adjacent villages.

Countryside. Detail.

Most days would then finish off with a pot of tea, a good book, or marvelling at the French fetish for dubbing everything broadcast on TV.

The next entry will describe some of the excursions we made: to Blois, Amboise and Le Mans. But I’ll leave that for another day, as this current writing session is coming to an end due to my plane being about to land.

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