Summer holidays in France: Travelling

This year’s summer holiday was spent with my family in France. Partially in Paris, and partially in Sarge-sur-Braye, a small village between Le Mans, and Orleans and Blois (and if you still don’t know where this is, I’d encourage you to just research it yourself. Bonus points if you can find the demographic evolution of the village. Hint: French Wikipedia…).


Anyway, first order of business was getting up much too early (pre-dawn would be inaccurate, since the sun rises so early these weeks) to catch a plane to Paris.

Oh plane, what weird dimensions you have!

Arriving in Paris CDG, I took the train to Gare du Nord (€9.80, look for the direct RER train, which goes non stop to Paris Nord). Here I met up with my sister for a day’s worth of sightseeing, before catching up with parents and brother in the countryside (thank you TGV services).

Paris sightseeing: I spy delicious steak. Restaurant Polidor.
Sainte Chapelle

Taking the TGV from Gare Montparnasse, we found an extremely long, grey train on the platform. It seems train companies like seating you opposite each other if you let the system allocate seats. I’m not quite sure how I feel about that, and for me, tall person as I am, I was annoyed by the narrowness of the window seat along with the support brace for the fold out table being where I wanted my knee to be. But I adapted, and enjoyed the ride.

SNCF have spruced up recently with an annoying jingle and a technicolour logo.

Arriving at Vendome TGV station, we found the rest of the family waiting with the rental car, and then drove the half hour to the gite we had rented.

Two out of four shops in Sarge-sur-Braye.

Next update will follow soon, describing countryside life, and some of the excursions we did.

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