In praise of digital

The Old Church in Stoke Newington

So yesterday I attended a performance by Folklore Tapes at The Old Church in Stoke Newington.

The performance was in three parts, the first being a musician performing on custom instruments like nails, violin bows with electric pickups, metal plates and the like. He used layering of segments to slowly build up a piece of music that sounded to me a bit like Jean-Michel Jarre combined with the music you would get in the “the main character is soon going to die” scene of a horror movie. I’m not quite sure why this segment was so long, but perhaps it was meant to evoke the feeling of Dartmoor and folklore, the subject of the performance. At least for me, I would have appreciated a bit more textualisation and explanation.

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Summer holidays in France: Royal Château of Blois

So what do you do when you rent a house in the middle of the French countryside, and have an entire week to kill? Explore the surrounding area of course. My previous post mentioned a few of the walks in the local area we did. This post will deal mostly with the day trips slightly further afield by car.

The royal palace in Blois.

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Summer holidays in France: Travelling

This year’s summer holiday was spent with my family in France. Partially in Paris, and partially in Sarge-sur-Braye, a small village between Le Mans, and Orleans and Blois (and if you still don’t know where this is, I’d encourage you to just research it yourself. Bonus points if you can find the demographic evolution of the village. Hint: French Wikipedia…).


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