At last, an update.

So today is a rather uneventful day up to now, as most of my days are becoming. The regular rhythm of lectures and tutorials, assignments and readings means there isn’t a lot of time to go on trips out of campus in the weekdays.

The weekend before last consisted mainly of a trip to the MacRichie reservoir, a large freshwater reservoir in the upper central part of Singapore Island used for freshwater collection (from the rain) and storage, with the aim of achieving greater self-sufficiency in water production. But the area surrounding is owned by the National Parks Board, who have made sure to put down a path and maps. So we took the bus Saturday morning, and walked round the reservoir, with the aim of reaching the Treetop walk, a suspension bridge spanning between two densely forested hills.

Along the way, we climbed an observation tower, saw a platoon of monkeys on the path (we were granted about 5 minutes next to them before they started lunging and hissing aggressively at us), saw lots of dragonflies, monitor lizards, and butterflies. The treetop walk in itself was quite an interesting structure. The pictures probably speak for themselves.

Sunday that weekend I heard about a classical concert in the Botanical gardens, and invited a few others to come along, who in turn invited their friends, and when heading out we discovered that there was another group of exchange students that had also decided independently to go to the concert. So off we went to the open air stage in the botanical gardens, where plenty of other people had also decided to turn up. The orchestra was the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, and they were very good. The music was a mixed bag of popular classics, including Elgar, Tchaikovsky, Strauss Jr and then a local piece. This was all good. In the middle they had a very long tedious piece by Kabalevsky, but the encore was Bizet, so all was good. A nice way to spend an afternoon.

This weekend I didn’t do much, since there was an assignment due Sunday. But I did manage to go into town briefly Saturday evening with some friends. Along the Singapore River and in Chinatown there were lanterns and decorations celebrating the month of the hungry ghost, a Chinese tradition that I am not quite sure what entails.

And today, well today it rained in the morning. See the final picture for how to construct drains, Singapore style.

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