Pulau Ubin and so on

So, Thursday evening. No classes tomorrow, and no assignments until next Thursday. Good times, and finally a free moment to update this blog.
Last weekend I went on a trip to Pulau Ubin Saturday morning. Pulau Ubin (Ubin Island) is an outlying island of Singapore about 10 minutes by boat from Changi Point, on the east coast of Singapore itself. The trip was arranged by some of the professors resident at the residential college, and we hired a bus to get the 30-odd people that composed “us” to Changi Point.

Just a Chameleon eating a cricket.

The ferry terminal at Changi Point does not actually have any ferries in the European sense of the word. The boats docked are so-called bumboats, which are essentially independently owned large motorboats licensed to carry 10 people and 2 crew. As soon as a boat is filled, it leaves, and the fare is very cheap.

Once on the island, the main town is chock-a-block with bicycle rental shops. Might be worth going back for that, I miss cycling. We walked south-east, out of town, towards Chek Jawa, a wetland/mangrove/tidal plain area at the southern tip of the island. Along the way, walking through the forest, Raj (one of the professors) explained about the trees (most of them rubber trees planted in colonial times, but the forest has since grown back around them), wildlife and ecosystem.

On the way, we saw a chameleon, and a large spider. See the photos below.

Arriving at Chek Jawa, we walked out onto the boardwalk, an elevated walkway that has been built across the wetlands to protect the environment from too much human trampling. We arrived at low tide, so lots of crabs and mudskippers (small amphibians) were about, and we also spotted a monitor lizard. The trees that live in the tidal area are well adapted in that the seeds germinate while still hanging on the tree, and when they drop, they are already about 30 cm long, so have a ready made root and branch to grow from.

Walking into the Mangrove, we spotted some very weird flowers, and climbed an observation tower. Returning back to the visitor centre, a family of wild boars just casually walked by. Quite an interesting island, well worth it.

Lunch was had at the Changi Point hawker centre, the first hawker centre I have been at with waitresses. I had a nice beef, ginger and rice dish.

In the evening, after having spent the afternoon working on an assignment, I joined the group going to Sentosa to a beach party arranged for all the exchange students in Singapore. The club was called wave house Sentosa, for obvious reasons (see photo). At about midnight, I got bored, and walked home.

Nothing else interesting has happened this week honestly, so I guess I will sign off. Most of the photos below are from Pulau Ubin, but three are some photos that I have previously uploaded, but forgotten to attach to a post.


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