A few observations from the first day and a half in Singapore

The in-flight entertainment systems in the Singapore Airlines jet runs Linux (hardly surprising).

Since everyone thinks alike, it is no longer an identifying marker to tie a red ribbon to your suitcase (Use a green/yellow ribbon instead).

Walking a kilometre to the station is almost unheard of, people rather wait ten minutes for the bus (and I am beginning to understand why: walking in this climate is tiresome).

In Singapore, you cannot get a mobile phone plan (postpaid) for anything less than two years, but when you buy a prepaid SIM-card, you receive gifts (I got a F1-themed watch and towel).

IKEA in Singapore is exactly like any other IKEA, except they sell asian food in the restaurant. Desserts are still Swedish though.

When you have spent 40 hours awake with only about half an hours sleep, IKEA bedlinen (even if it is half polyester) is like silk.

In Singapore, milk costs S$2.5 (around 12 DKK) per litre, more than twice the price than in Denmark.

But I had lunch (consisting of rice, fried pork, cauliflowers and green beans for S$2.80 (around 15 DKK).

Most people are very friendly, some quite embarrassed when they don’t understand English (case in point, I bought flip-flops from a market stall, with the translation efforts of a fellow customer who jumped in to the aid of the stallholder. Plastic flip flops: S$5.)


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